by Bill Britten
published by Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, November 2014

The camera enables us to see right into a character's soul, revealing his or her innermost thoughts and emotions. Screen acting requires a more rigorously truthful and spontaneous performance than the stage, as well as very different technical expertise.

Working on camera offers the opportunity to reach huge audiences and supplies the majority of most actors' incomes. And yet film sets can seem alien and intimidating to an actor who feels at home on the stage and for whom a live audience has been a constant from drama classes and school plays onwards.

Featuring first-hand testimony from established stars, with nearly 50 illustrations and packed with practical advice on how to fully prepare for a TV or film role, From Stage to Screen is the ideal handbook for the professional or training actor looking to make the transition from working on the stage to acting in front of the camera.

The book is divided into three sections which examine:

  • the skills actors use to transfer their talent to the screen
  • the relationship between the performer and the camera
  • what to expect during the process of filming

Bill Britten
is a Senior Lecturer in Screen Acting and Directing at the Drama Centre at Central St. Martin's. He coaches working actors, performers from other disciplines wanting to move into acting and regularly runs development classes for professional actors at the Actors' Centre. He also works internationally as a leadership and communications coach.

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