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Having been in the industry for 30 years I have had my fair share of coaching and presentation workshops from various firms.

I guess my preconception when I first met Bill was “here we go again” and “I’ve heard it all before”. What I did not expect was Bill’s engaging and different approach and he genuinely wants each person to succeed throughout the sessions.

Bill, it’s a great approach that you have and I think everyone should be challenged beyond their comfort zones as this is what makes the difference and makes us all better individuals for it. I have seen dramatic positive changes in people I work with including myself.

I think out of all the coaching, mentoring and skills sets I have been given, Bill’s coaching will prove to be invaluable to me and I know I will be putting this into practice throughout the remainder of my career.

Thank you Bill, you have changed me personally for the better and as I write this, I have volunteered to carry out some senior management training with board members. I did not even skip a beat when I said I would do it. This will be my ultimate test and I know I can do it! Wish me luck!

  Hazel Guilder
Head of Advisory Compliance and Regulatory Developments
Bank of Montreal UK
Bill has worked with us for a number of years, helping us to develop both the content and structure of our presentations. More importantly though, Bill has encouraged us to "take some risks" and move away from the traditional information-based client presentation prevalent in financial services. Our own confidence, together with the level of engagement and therefore understanding of the audience, has changed markedly as a result. Bill has a great way of working with both groups and individuals; I would recommend him to anyone, except any of our rivals who should on no account even contemplate benefitting from his exceptional ability in this area.   Andrew Grigson
Marketing Director
UK Real Estate
Pramerica Real Estate Investors Limited
Bill worked with our whole Senior Leadership Team ahead of our staff conference. He helped us craft our message and deliver it in a much more engaging and impactful way. He built our all round confidence to perform and deliver. As a result we had a much greater impact as a team and received brilliant feedback from colleagues. Even our best performers were helped to deliver at a higher level. However good you are Bill will add that "special something" to make all the difference.   Richard Miller
Executive Director
ActionAid UK
Over the last 25 years I have been on numerous sales training courses ranging from Overcoming Objectives to Selling To Succeed and I have to say this course was by far the best I have ever attended. I felt it was relevant, to-the-point and fun. It was also helped by the fact that Bill is a superb presenter. I can honestly say I probably learnt more in 8 hours that I have done in all the other courses put together!   Stephen Ashby
Senior Territory Manager
Vetoquinol UK Limited
Bill's engaging and thoughtful style of training brought out the best from everyone we put forward for training, from the most nervous speaker with relatively limited experience, all the way through to the most experienced, and perhaps even super-confident, presenters that we have. This attention to detail on an individual level is part of what I believe makes Bill's sessions valuable, no matter what you think your experience and ability is before you go into training with him.   Dave Ernsberger
Global Editorial Director
Platts Oil
In addition to his declared skill set in psychology, acting, writing and presentation, the surprise bonus with Bill was the depth and quality of his experience and understanding of business strategy. This amplified the value of his contribution to distilling and articulating our message. A phenomenal value proposition delivered by an absolute gentlemen. The iron fist in the velvet glove.   Karl Mattingley
This workshop is a must for anyone that is looking to improve their public speaking. Bill did a wonderful job. From the start to the finish all members of the workshop were engaged; not an easy undertaking over a eight hour period. Bill was very concentrated on recognizing what presenters did well and highlighting these attributes while at the same time getting the individual presenter to recognize the aspects of their presenting that they needed to improve on. In addition, the tools that we learned during the course are things that we can easily put into use immediately.   Mike McCafferty
Associate Editor US NGL
Platts Houston
Bill was excellent, he worked to each persons strengths and read everyone well. He was able to judge exactly how far people were comfortable to be pushed. A very safe and nurturing environment.. even with the uncomfortable viewing of your own presentations. Great fun.   Tim Adams
Senior Quality Officer
University of the Arts Awarding Body
Bill is a highly effective coach who tailored his approach to my professional and managerial needs. He brought about positive results through sessions that were both challenging and rewarding.   Denise Searle
Director of Communications
and External Affairs
University of the Arts London
Having gone in feeling I couldn't possibly spare the time for the day away from my desk and I finished it and realised I could not have spent the day more usefully (at least not in work!)   Robin Oakley
Programme Director
Greenpeace UK
Bill softly cut right to the chase and in two hours of a one on one session gave me solid personalized points that I integrated immediately into public speaking, meetings and every day business conversations. Bill's training has increased my confidence on the trade floor and has made my communications more productive, influential and enjoyable. I highly recommend his training.   Pamela Munger
Trading Analyst
Phillips 66 Ltd
The difference in people is obvious and the improvements to the team's confidence and enthusiasm are huge.   Malcolm Laurie
Head of Marketing
Ceva Animal Health Ltd.
Bill was excellent I thought and embodied many of the concepts he was discussing so in addition to the content of the workshop i actually felt I learnt a lot from just spending the day watching him present to us.   Ben Smith
Head of Data, Planning and Insight
Greenpeace UK
The great thing about Bill's course and the way he delivered it are that the skills he built serve in a range of situations from every day internal and external interactions to presenting to large groups. Bill focused on how to get a message across in a range of situations and that is a skill that is central to almost all successes.   Simon Thorne
Global Editorial Director
Platts Agriculture & Chemicals
Bill practices what he preaches: his courses are interesting, fun, instructive and extremely useful to anyone who needs to make presentations – and, let's face it, that's just about everyone these days. If you need to get your message across to even a small audience, you need Bill Britten.   Jonathan Klingsman
Director, Agriculture
Platts, Lausanne

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the day and that I have already effectively used some of the things I learnt. Yesterday I was an independent panel member during a complaints hearing at a local school. I hadn’t met any of the attendees before, so I knew that all sides - parents, teachers and governors might be a little suspicious about my attendance and my role.

But I used the ABC method before introducing myself and setting the context of why I was there and giving them my background. I want to thank you, because the change in body language around the room and the difference in attentiveness and mood was palpable. Not only that, the outcome was the best I could have hoped for.

A stressful day, made less so because of the skills you gave me. I really meant it when I said I wish I’d had this opportunity 30 years ago.

  Sue Cook
Chief Examiner Foundation Diploma Art and Design
University of the Arts, London
Bill was superb. Would recommend this for any member of staff, even if they think they are good at presenting. It's not just about being confident and knowing your subject, buy how to influence your audience emotions/feelings to get what you want.   Phil Aikman
Senior Campaigner
Greenpeace UK
It's a huge benefit to anyone who has any level of experience of public speaking.   Jonty Rushforth
Editorial Director, Asia and Middle East Oil Markets
Platts, Singapore
It is the best and most useful training course I've ever attended. I wish I'd had the opportunity years ago. It has given me a real confidence boost and the advice given will make a real difference to me.   Karen Aylen
Fund Controller
Pramerica Real Estate
Bill is a brilliant communicator and very knowledgable and skilled in drawing the needs out of each individual participant.   Kunbi Olubiyi
Regulatory Developments Compliance Officer
Bank of Montreal Global Asset Management
I have already recommended the workshop to my friends and ex-colleagues. I said, "Bill was very approachable, friendly, engaging and funny and that he taught us a lot about presenting to an audience in a room or at a table."   Mike Bowen
eWindow Global Operations & Support Manager
Platts London
You learn very simple but profound things. I saw the other participants transform by the end of the day into powerful speakers."   V. Sampson
Head of AA and Editorial
Greenpeace UK
An emotional rollercoaster of a day but very well worth investing the time and effort."   Sadie West
Compliance Business Analyst
Bank of Montreal UK